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Evolving from years of thorough research and development in creating software for our valued clients, now we have come up with our best payroll management software yet: the Integra HRIS Payroll Master. We have perfected this through firsthand experiences with our customers' actual suggestions and collection of good and negative comments and feedbacks.

After gathering these responses and learning from them, we gradually honed our expertise and carefully incorporated what our clients wanted in developing our payroll management software. We have improved and accomplished the best Payroll Master, now with excellent support, surprise promotions, customer care, and user-friendly and even more helpful features. Putting utmost value to our customers, we will continue to make the impossible possible: to make this best payroll management software we've ever made yet… even better.

Superior Solutions

Safe & Secured Data

With Integra HRIS Payroll Master hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS), we can provide and guarantee that you have top-notch security measures to protect your data.


Payroll, Mastered

Integra HRIS Payroll Master made it possible for you with the help of its talented, dedicated, and creative team. With our recommended specifications for hardware and Internet speed, you can process your employees’ payroll in seconds.

Surprise Promo

Integra HRIS Payroll Master is our very first software that has a FREE version! It is made free for all, because we believe that every hard-working business owner, HR manager, or personnel deserves to do their payroll without any worries

Outstanding Features

Your Everyday Dashboard

Think of it as a control center where you can see all you need to know upon logging in. Control what you can instantly view by adding and removing various widgets such as Birthday Celebrants, On Leave Employees, Absenteeism and Tardiness Bar Graph, Monthly Net Pay Summary, Salary Adjustment tracker, and many more.

Access Employee Files Anytime Anywhere

Effortlessly manage and maintain comprehensive employee information like the complete Personal Data Information, Employee 201 File, and Employment Details among others. In this module, you can also freely attach multiple files such as scanned documents, photos, and spreadsheets in the Employee 201 File.

Process Payroll in Seconds

Show appreciation and give salaries on time to your tens, hundreds, or thousands of employees as fast as you can say “Integra HRIS Payroll Master!” Process payroll swiftly, so you can save a significant amount of time from manual payroll preparation. Use the power to view and edit payroll transactions and process 13th month, 14th month, bonuses, and other earnings based on your company’s policies.

*Disclaimer: Payroll processing speed may vary depending on the PC specifications, number of employees, and Internet speed.

Secure Your Data

Safe, secure, heavily guarded, defended. We can give more synonyms, but we just want you to know that your data is absolutely Protected – with a capital P. Integra HRIS Payroll Master tracks every single system transaction with a reliable, detailed, and printable audit trail. Create an unlimited number of user accounts wherein only two concurrent user accounts are allowed. The system also has a payroll locker to avoid any accidental changes. If these aren’t enough, you have to pass a two-way authentication process first before logging in. We’re serious with your security.

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  • Maintainable company information
  • Payroll processing and computation
  • Easy searching and finding of employee by
    typing any character in the search bar
  • Easy and fast migration of data of employees
    through importation from excel file
  • Detailed Audit Trail
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  • Maintainable company information
  • Payroll processing and computation
  • Maintenance of detailed employee 201 File
  • Advanced and user definable filtering of employees' records
  • Employee Self Service
  • View all features
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