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Employee Module
User-definable major organizational unit and corresponding hierarchy Department Only
Flexible and user definable length of Employee ID/No up to maximum of 12 characters, numeric or alphanumeric
Unlimited user definable Positions
Maintainable company information
Comprehensive maintenance of employee information General information only
Grouping of employee information to separate critical and non-critical or confidential data via user rights
Maintenance of detailed employee 201 File with importation from an excel file
Allow multiple attachments of files such as scanned documents, photos, spreadsheets in Employee 201 File
Easy searching and finding of employee by typing any character in the search bar
Advanced and user definable filtering of employees' records
Secured access through the availability of three levels of confidentiality access of users: Rank and File, Supervisory, Managerial and Executive
Uploading of employee photo or capture from Web camera Uploading only
Easy and fast migration of data of employees through importation from excel file
Easy monitoring of employees' loans
Flexible options in schedule of loan deduction (e.g. 1st Cut-off, 2nd Cut-off or always)
With Cash payment option for loans
User definable loan accounts
Easy tracking of current loan balance and details of loan payments/deductions
Salary Adjustment module for mass updating of employee salaries through fast add facility
One time recording of employee's other income/deductions and loans that are regularly/periodically included in processing of payroll through Recurring entry module
With history of company's payment to SSS, Philhealth, PagIbig through SBR File entry
Leave Management
Unlimited and user-definable leave types Limited
Yearly entitlement of leaves including leave balance from previous year with importation from Excel file for faster encoding
Easy recording of leave application using graphical calendar view
Real-time leave balance tracking; Notify user/employee (self-service) of insufficient leave balance upon filing of application
Leave application has integration to Integra HRIS Self-service where employees can file leave on their own
Leave application work flow; leave applications are automatically directed to 1 or 2 approvers when using Employee self-service
Convert employee's leaves into cash anytime of the year (SL/VL); with user controlled resetting of converted SL and VL
Time Keeping
Customizable time and attendance setup based on company's attendance policies
Regular Setup - typical timekeeping setup where schedule is user definable such as 8-5, 10-7 etc
Managerial Set-up - a flexible working schedule typically for managers where clocking in/out is optional
Attendance Exempt - Employee's attendance record is not required
Automatically computes overtime, tardiness and undertime in reference to user definable tables of bracket
User definable holiday table where holiday maybe categorized as Legal, Special, Company holiday and other holiday
Option to set minimum working hours during workday before the holiday
Multiple rest day tagging
With handling of night differential overtime
Scheduling of employee using Calendar where assigning of schedule is easy and graphical. With option to copy schedules from one employee to others
Easy manual encoding of daily clock in/out including break out/in
Batch encoding of daily clock in/out through importation from Excel file
Overtime application has integration to Integra HRIS Self-service where employees can file overtime on their own
Overtime application workflow; Overtime applications are directed to 1 or 2 approvers when using Employee self-service
Overtime application has integration to Integra HRIS Self-service where employees can file overtime on their own
Allow user to view employee's Daily In/Out and Daily Time Record via Quick Links option in Process DTR module
Grouping/filtering of employees allows user to process daily time record by group
With option to encode daily time record
Allow post approval of rendered overtime
Provide viewing of incomplete in/ out to resolve inconsistencies in attendance
Lock and unlock daily time record to avoid accidental changes in records
Uploading of daily time record to payroll module with option to view uploaded payroll entry
Real-time connection to biometric device
Customizable payroll setup per employee; with user definable schedule of mandatory deductions
User maintainable and definable cut-off period that reflects the payroll period
User maintainable government mandatory deduction tables and brackets
User definable payroll account codes (e.g Regular hours, overtime, Legal Holiday etc)
Payroll account codes options to include 13th month, taxable/non-taxable, tag as de-minimis & health insurance
Recording of previous payroll history in case system is used in the middle of the year
Accurate computation of mandatory deductions (SSS, Philhealth, PagIbig, Tax)
Faster payroll processing and computation
With option to process monthly, semi-monthly and weekly employees' payroll
Accurate computation of Overtime, Other Income, Other deduction, De-minimis, Gross and Net Pay
With year-end tax adjustment during regular payroll
Computation of 13th month and tax adjustment for separated employees
With viewing and manual editing of payroll transactions
With tagging of employee' payroll which will not be included in ATM Bank diskette and will be treated as Cash Payroll for the period
Avoid accidental changes in payroll using Payroll locker/unlocker per employee or per payroll period
Process 13th month any time of the year in Periodic 13th Month module
Process bonuses and 14th-24th month pay other than regular payroll
Process other earnings
Batch processing of year-end tax
Customizable Dashboard
Security Features
Tracking of system transactions
Detailed Audit Trail
Unlimited number of User Accounts One user at a time /
Max of 2 users
User definable password policy
User roles that allows to create and modify system permission per user
Employee Self Service (Add-On)
Available module to employees anytime, anywhere
Customizable and user friendly maintenance of widgets in the dashboard
Birthday Celebrants: View other employee/s birthday for a specified month
Leave Balance details: employee can monitor entitled, used & remaining leave balance
Viewing of General Information, Salary and Employee's Schedule
With Leave/Overtime/Loan Application Workflow.
Application has to pass to 1 or 2 approvers assigned in Employee master file
Viewing/Printing of daily time record
Viewing/Printing of Payslip
Secured Access though password and change password facility
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